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rocks and pools

The Ocean offers up beautiful pools of colours and shapes and the opportunity for inspirational art to seamlessly mix reality with abstract. I love juxtaposing the fixed element with the water’s fluidity, bringing to life the energy of our natural surroundings.


I’m an abstract expressionist at heart. As a landscape artist, I layer acrylic colours, play with shapes and contrast the solid and the ephemeral to suggest the forces of nature continuously at work. It’s also important to take lessons from nature and introduce a graphic design element into the art.


I create my abstract paintings using pens brushes and scrapers, which allow me to draw and paint at the same time. Control and calmness are somewhere on the canvas, but accompanied by the sense that we are always on the brink of chaos.

driftwood sculpture

Let your eyes relax and travel around the piece without expectation. Examine the colours, forms, materials, surface and their interaction with each other.

My work is descriptive in essence. Natural shape and form taken from the elements and time to capture a natural ambiguity. With this balance, and sometimes a spirit of humour and fun, I work with the wood to shape my creation.




I hope you enjoy my work... click art image for size and price. Thank you for looking.

I had a great summer selling a lot of work so please look out for several new paintings' coming soon and thank you everyone who supported the new gallery and bought into my Art.



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