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artist statement

Born and raised in West London, I've worked in graphics and marketing communications in the capitals creative hub of Soho for three decades.


Freelancing for top design houses, I'm still a regular visitor to the West End but my base and inspiration is now North Devon's rugged Atlantic Coastline.


It is a whole different kind of energy. In place of the city skyline I'm fascinated by the power of the pounding  surf, the motion of a rolling landscape and natures constant interaction with itself.


Hour upon hour walking wild, wonderful Exmoor or combing beaches from Croyde to Saunton Sands near my adopted home in Ilfracombe are the creative catalysts for my work.

Stone, driftwood, metal and objects washed up in the area inspire me and provide the starting point for my works early stages.

my approach


By layering colours, exploring the use of space and contrasting the solid with ephemeral and fixed with the fluid, I strive to replicate the forces of nature.

Time is suspended on my canvas...a fine line between order and chaos.


The surface is calm, but the tension is ever present. Everything pulsates with life, on the verge of movement and change, with the use of colour integral to my vision of creating vibrant canvases.


I have no formal training as an artist, allowing me the freedom to paint without constraint. Understanding  abstract art is easy, all it requires is an open mind and imagination.


I generally paint with acrylics and develop larger pieces in my studio, keeping to modern traditions using colour as a vehicle for my expression.


I admire the work of Braque, Patrick Heron, Jackson Pollock, Bacon and Howard Hodgkin.


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